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Passionate. Driven. Reliable.

Passionate. Driven. Reliable.

Passionate. Driven. Reliable.

Passionate. Driven. Reliable.

XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd. is a UK-based mineral exploration consultancy specialising in technical and logistical support for the mineral exploration, mining and energy industry.

A particular focus of XPLORE GLOBAL is the provision of technical reporting and exploration targeting services, including a comprehensive solution for modern exploration geochemistry and GIS requirements. 



Duration: 2023-date

Deliverables: Field visit and review of various properties prospective for Ni-Cu (orthomagmatic/ laterite) and Au (orogenic) deposits in Goiás State. Continuous support for projects incl. ongoing data reviews and interpretation.


Duration: 2024

Deliverables: Integrated geological-mining and minerals engineering-hydrometallurgy study and review of Li-Cs pegmatite deposit in the Bengal area. Suggestions for further exploration work, resource drilling and metallurgical testwork.

Svalbard (Norway)

Duration: 2007-2008

Deliverables: Organic geochemistry analysis and palaeoenvironmental study


Duration: 2022-date

Deliverables: CP and technical advisor for junior exploration company focusing on battery metals. Review of pegmatite exploration data of the Central Gobi Desert, training of geology team.


Duration: 2022-23

Deliverables: Technical advisor and Qualified Person for greenfields and brownfields exploration in the Kenticha LCT pegmatite district. Canadian junior exploration company.


Duration: 2022-2023

Deliverables: Review of exploration and mining opportunities for two separate international investor groups in the FCT and Kwara Districts. Commodities: Sn-W deposits (Cornish-style mineralisation), Li-Cs-Ta pegmatites. Compilation of NI43-101 QPR for properties east of Abuja.

Western Australia

Duration: 2022

Deliverables: Strategic review of exploration licenses in the Pilgangoora LCT Pegmatite District. Provision of advice about follow-up exploration priorities.

New South Wales

Duration: 2022

Deliverables: Strategic review of exploration licenses in the Kantappa Sn-Ta Pegmatite District. Provision of advice about follow-up exploration priorities.


Duration: 2016 – 2022

Deliverables: Prospectivity map for orogenic Au deposits in the Central Lapland Greenstone Belt, regional exploration targeting. Delivery of annual field courses with focus on exploration techniques for greenstone-hosted gold deposits. Conceptualisation and delivery of the Society of Economic Geologists “European Exploration Targeting Boot Camp”.

Wyoming (USA)

Duration: 2008-2009

Deliverables: Wireline log analysis and correlation, basin study and petroleum prospectivty


Duration: 2017 – 2019

Deliverables: Regional reconnaissance sampling and mapping in the Vosges Mountains for polymetallic and W-Sn and LCT targets

Sierra Leone

Duration: 2017

Deliverables: Interpretation of proprietary geochemical and geophysical datasets to aid private exploration company in targeting orogenic gold and REE pegmatite deposits. Field visit, training, and follow-up target generation.


Duration: 2010-2013

Deliverables: Resource drilling campaigns for Rossing Uranium Z20 expansion project and upgrade of overall resource


Duration: 2013-2016, 2024

Deliverables: Greenfields copper target generation and testing in underexplored areas of NW Zambia, logistics, HSEC (2013-2016). Review of LCT pegmatite targets in the Choma-Kalomo Block and design of first-pass exploration programme (2024).



Duration: 2018

Deliverables: field visit, sampling and prioritization of Sn-W-LCT and coltan pegmatite target areas. Production of technical summary report for AIM-listed company


Duration: 2019 – 2020

Deliverables: Several visits to the Nyamasheke area. Investigated a number of REE granite occs using geological, geochemical, geophysical and drilling techniques. Also followed up on suspected “fossil fuel” occurrence. Compilation of high profile investor reports.

Eastern Former Soviet Union (Russia)

Duration: 2008-2014

Deliverables: Desktop studies, exploration targeting reports for hydrocarbons and industrial minerals, production of depositional environment/ tectonic, chronostratigraphic maps and charts.


Duration: 2016 – date

Deliverables: Multi-disciplinary exploration desktop study and review of regional mineralization potential. Planning of regional geochemical survey with focus on skarn-related and epithermal gold and base-metal deposits

Papua New Guinea

Duration: 2011-2013

Deliverables: Desktop study, Common Risk Segment mapping onshore/ offshore, production of play schematics and cross-sections


Duration: 2016, 2023

Deliverables: Target generation using GSI datasets. Published paper. Field visit and project due diligence on newly discovered spodumene occurrence.

United Kingdom

Duration: 2016 – date

Deliverables: Current base, regional geology, field trips and exploration targeting with local junior exploration companies.


Duration: 2008

Deliverables: Coal exploration in the Songea area.


Duration: 2018 – date

Deliverables: Advising junior exploration company on new discovery of gold mineralisation along the Lurío Shear Zone. Compilation of technical reports and field visit.


Duration: 2022-23

Deliverables: Technical review of tenure around the Walbouchi LCT Pegmatite Deposit, including interpretation of till geochemistry, magnetic surveys, and reporting writing. Additional fieldwork for another client near Radisson.


Duration: 2016 -2018

Deliverables: Provision of training for orogenic gold exploration in Western Australia.

Canada (Ontario)

Duration: 2017

Deliverables: Delivery of annual field training with focus on greenstone belt-hosted orogenic gold deposits.


Duration: 2019

Deliverables: Provision of technical orogenic gold training course to major and junior exploration and mining companies.


Duration: 2019 – 2023

Deliverables: Advising on porphyry copper and epithermal copper-gold-silver projects in the Salta Region, Argentina. Acting as technical director for junior exploration company. Target generation and license area acquisition. Compilation of NI43-101 QPR.


Duration: 2021-date

Deliverables: VMS exploration in the Trøndelag region.  Provision of expert consulting services to Canadian-listed junior exploration company, including the interpretation of magnetic survey datasets and Ionic Leach soil geochemistry. This supported the definition of new exploration targets and improved the overall exploration strategy.

Further involvement with other ASX-listed junior exploration company as senior technical advisor. Starting up greenfields exploration from scratch in 2021, then handing over to permanent local team. Conducted first-ever large scale reconnaissance exploration for rare-element pegmatites in the Nord Helgeland area (2022) as project leader.


Duration: 2020

Deliverables: Advising on geotechnical logging procedures and workflows for Paldiski hydropower station. Training of local geological team.

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