Collaborative services offered by XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd. and Transition Elements AS

In spring 2021, XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd. and Transition Elements AS have teamed up to create a new consulting service offering, allowing clients in the mining and exploration sector to access integrated, cross-discipline analysis and geological modelling expertise. In a nutshell, our joint expertise can help to build your mining and exploration data into a consistent, coherent model in order to improve exploration targeting, testing and exploration strategy development. Our first joint, successful project was carried out for Capella Minerals Ltd exploring for VMS-style mineralisation in the Trondelag Region of Central Norway. 

Exploration support for Kuniko Norge AS (2021-date)

As a new entrant to Norway during the recent pandemic, Kuniko required experienced geologists on the ground to kick-start their exploration plans and implement best practice procedures and workflows. Together, in 2021, we evaluated their portfolio, ranked the prospects and designed acquisition programmes for the most prospective areas at Skuterud and Vangrofta. We analysed and evaluated historic and newly acquired data, initiated further specialist analysis and data acquisition, producing 3D models for assessment and target planning. We liaised with local community stakeholders and generated the 2022 work program to drill delineated targets at Skuterud and to evaluate the remaining opportunities.

From May 2022 onwards, we liaised with Kuniko’s permanent team for a smooth handover, as they established their office and field bases, and have since passed control of the full portfolio into their hands. With a year of comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and planning, Kuniko were able to take their projects forward over the summer generating new drill results and further soil and rock sampling datasets. We are delighted to remain associated with them for further specialist work as required.

Comment from Antony Beckmand (CEO Kuniko Norge AS):

“With the strong support of XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd. and Transition Elements AS, Kuniko was able to quickly establish its work programs and exploration activities across several of its projects, providing a solid foundation for the development of the Company. Those initial efforts provided a geological data set which enabled strong targets and led to a maiden drill campaign. The rapid development of our projects based on solid geological work practices and guidance has enhanced the Company’s reputation with regard to both accomplishment and transparency. On behalf of the Company, our shareholders and stakeholders, we are grateful for the professional support we have received.” 




Photos below: Exploration for rare element pegmatites in the Glomfjord area, Nord Helgeland (2021 and 2022).

Scope of joint services

Exploration Geology and Geochemistry

  • Specialist advice on all matters related to prospecting, field exploration operations, integration of geophysical and geochemical exploration techniques, QAQC
  • Comprehensive evaluation of surface geochemical and drilling datasets beyond commonly practised univariate anomaly detection
  • Integration of mineralogical techniques to inform on geochemical signatures and vice versa
  • Delineation of mineralogical and mineral system signatures from geochemical and geological data
  • Advice and best practice implementation of orientation studies and other field surveys
  • Training of local team in GIS, ioGas and other packages.

Structural Geology

  • Regional to local structural interpretations of geophysical, outcrop and borehole datasets
  • Development of structural evolution and ore deposit models
  • Development of a mineralising fluid flow and distribution model
  • Integrated exploration targeting and mineral prospectivity mapping in GIS
  • 3D geological modelling in standard or specialist software

Team Members

Benedikt Steiner

  • QP, (PERC/JORC/NI43-101)
  • Exploration strategy and targeting
  • International and Norwegian exploration experience
  • Field and class course leader

Liz Thompson 

  • Norway-based
  • International experience
  • Structural analysis and geomodelling