Geological Support


XPLORE.GLOBAL  add value to all areas of the mineral exploration pipeline. Whether your company is being established, seeks investment and requires geological expertise to start-up, or is already operating and might need specialist or contractor services, we provide the essential services and best practice mentality required to get it right from the beginning. 


In addition to “traditional” geoscience, such as mapping, target generation & desktop studies, or drilling programme management, we also offer advice on GIS and specialist disciplines (e.g. geochemistry, interpretation of aeromagnetic data). We work with a diverse range of junior companies, major mining houses and academic institutions globally in the field of mining and mineral exploration. XPLORE.GLOBAL have a wide network of technical and logistical specialists and is therefore in a good position to draw together a successful team at short notice following a client’s request.


Exploration Geosciences:

  •     Target Generation
  •     Data Compilation & Reviews
  •     Desktop Studies & Production of reports
  •     Geological Mapping
  •     Planning, supervision and management of drilling programmes
  •     Logging, sampling & QAQC
  •     Near Mine/ Brownfields Exploration
  •     Specialist services, such as: 
  •     Interpretation of geophysical datasets (e.g. ground and airborne magnetic surveys) and integration with other geoscientific data software. Planning, execution and interpretation of geochemical prospecting surveys. Tailored training in the use of ioGas software.
  • Laboratory liaisons
  • Government and JV partner reporting
  • GIS & Data Management:
  •     Scanning, digitising and compilation of maps
  •     Integration of different data sources and datasets
  • Database management
  •     Data processing
  •     Tailored training in the use of GIS software


Organic Geochemistry for the Mining & Petroleum Sector

A detailed understanding of the distribution, quality and maturity of proven and potential source rocks is of crucial importance not only in the exploration for hydrocarbon resources, but also to better understand sedimentary-hosted mineral systems. We have in-depth experience in the interpretation of organic geochemical data and basin analysis parameters applied to some of the world’s last frontier regions. 


  • Interpretation of wireline log, organic geochemical, reservoir petrophysical and sedimentological data
  • Construction of common risk segment, depositional environment and chronostratigraphic charts and maps.
  • Extensive regional experience on the petroleum geology of the frontier Arctic realm, Papua New Guinea, Russia and China



Operations Support Services


Appropriate and well-organised support operations provide the building blocks for successful mineral exploration projects. With a growing focus towards safely exploring in frontier regions, it is becoming increasingly challenging for geologists to establish and safely run exploration projects without the help of support specialists. 


XPLORE.GLOBAL can provide personnel and expertise in project management, frontier logistics, stakeholder engagement and administrative-clerical support no matter where your project is located, from the boreal forests of northern Scandinavia, to the remote jungle locations in the Amazonas Basin, or the barren deserts of southern Africa.


Project Management:

•    Project Planning, Design & Execution

•    Budgeting

•    Contractor Sourcing

•    HR & Staffing

•    Progress Reporting


Frontier logistics:

•    Camp planning & construction

•    Catering & Staffing solutions

•    Equipment procurement & sourcing

•    Advice on equipment & vehicle fleet 

•    Exploration base & office establishment and management

•    Communications solutions

•    Training of temporary or permanent local workforce

•    Inventory management



Stakeholder engagement:

•    Government and JV partner liaisons, report writing and engagement

•    Communities consultation and engagement


Administrative and Clerical Support:

•    Data collection & presentation

•    Country assessments

•    Advice on travel to remote locations





Following a number of years’ experience with some of the world's major international mining and exploration companies XPLORE.GLOBAL will adopt a strict health & safety conscious approach to business. 


XPLORE.GLOBAL have the experience and knowledge to implement the necessary health & safety precautions as required by law, whether simply on an advisory basis or by drawing up the relevant documentation, reviewing safe work practices and actively engaging with local communities and stakeholders. Please email us to receive our HSE policy and risk assessment.


Benedikt has furthermore acquired the NEBOSH certificate in environmental safety and management, and boosted by practical experience in Central Africa, is in a good position to advise on additional environmental and rehabilitation matters.


•    Advice on HSEC procedures

•    Production of tailored HSEC documents 

•    Community relations



Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement is one of the key requirements in mineral exploration to obtain a ‘social license’ to operate. XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd. have many years' experience in conducting stakeholder engagements with communities, JV partners and local governments, ranging from introducing a company to a new area and community, to writing JV and governmental reports.





XPLORE.GLOBAL understands that operating in remote areas under at times harsh conditions requires a technically competent, safety aware and motivated team in order to maximise the outcomes of your exploration project. 


XPLORE.GLOBAL have developed training courses tailored to the needs of modern exploration geologists, and can help build your team by formal and on-the-job training for all aspects of mineral exploration, coaching and in-house capacity building.


  • In-country capacity building of geologists and field technicians, including training and coaching
  • Tailored short courses and training available 



Teaching & Research


Benedikt currently holds the position of Lecturer in Exploration and Mining Geology at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK. In this role he is involved with the development and teaching of a variety of subjects applied to mineral exploration and mining to under- and post-graduate learners.


Key Research Interests include:

  • Exploration Geochemistry in tropical and glaciated terrains
  • Target generation & testing
  • GIS applications, geological database management and statistical mineral potential mapping
  • Geology of the Fennoscandian Shield and Central African Copperbelt
  • Critical, precious and base metals, pegmatite-hosted hydrothermal ore deposits


In 2012, after a number of conversations with industry and academic representatives, Benedikt realised that something could be done to improve the knowledge of geoscience students in applied disciplines that are of critical relevance to the mineral exploration industry. A focus in developing teaching and short course material was therefore initially put on drilling methods, complemented later on with applied geochemistry. 


All courses establish the critical link between theoretical background commonly taught in academic environments and the highly practical nature of applied exploration methods in the minerals industry. The courses are therefore equally suited for both young professionals and seasoned exploration veterans who would like to refresh their knowledge and generate new ideas for their projects by looking at and discussing a number of aspects from a different angle.   


Benedikt’s track record of successful and sought-after teaching activities spans across 5 European countries, 6 academic institutions and more than 

250 students:


These include:

  • RWTH Aachen University, Germany 
  • University of Leeds, UK
  • TUM/ LMU Munich, Germany 
  • AGH Krakow, Poland 
  • TTU Tallinn, Estonia
  • Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK


Teaching areas and short courses include:

  • Mineral Exploration (5 days)
  • ArcGIS for Miners and Mineral Explorationists (5 days) (PDF download)
  • Drilling Methods in Mineral Exploration (3 days) (PDF download)
  • Drilling Methods in Mining & Mineral Exploration with focus on     

      Geotechnical Logging (2 days)

  • Exploration Geochemistry (2 days) (PDF download)
  • Sustainability & HSEC (1 day)




Benedikt Steiner   | MSci | ARSM | CGeol | Director

Based in Maidenhead · UK

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